Sealing and Expunging a DWI

Sealing and Expunging a DWI/DUI or other charge in Arkansas.

Effective January 1, 2014, the law in Arkansas was revised to correct some technical issues which now allow DWIs, DUIs, and almost all misdemeanors to be sealed along with many felonies. This is a significant change and good for anyone who will need a background screen done for employment purposes.

DWIs and DUI can now be sealed.

The Arkansas Legislature finally cleared up the law in Arkansas for sealing criminal records with Act 1460 of 2013. We can finally seal (expunge) DWI convictions and almost all other misdemeanor offenses. Many felonies can also be sealed even if the person was not sentenced under the first offender (Act 346) provisions. If you have a conviction for any crime and you think that you may need a background screening for a job in the future, now would be a good time to call.

Five Year Time Period To Seal Certain Misdemeanor Convictions

DWI, Negligent Homicide, Battery 3rd Degree, Indecent Exposure, Public Sexual Indecency, Sexual Assault 4th Degree, and Domestic Battery 3rd Degree – Five (5) years from the conviction date.

Sixty Day Time Period To Seal Most Misdemeanors

Other than the misdemeanors listed above most misdemeanors may be sealed sixty (60) days after the completion of his sentence and the payment of all fines, costs, and restitution.

Five Year Time Period To Seal Certain Felony Convictions

All class C and D felonies along with all Class A controlled substances felonies may be sealed five (5) years after the completion of the person’s sentence including probation and payment of all fines, court costs, and restitution. A person is not eligible to have his record sealed if he served any portion of his sentence in the Department of Corrections (prison).

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